Divulgamos a publicação de novo número do periódico "Espacio, Tiempo y Educación".



la publicación del nuevo número de la revista Espacio, Tiempo y Educación (ahora ya en Scopus) de la que soy coeditor, por si tienes a bien hacerla llegar a los compañeros de Brasil. Recibe un cordial saludo desde Valencia!

Espacio, Tiempo y Educación (v. 6, n. 2, 2019) Society, Education and Elites in Europe during 19th and 20th Century

New Issue


Special Issue: Society, Education and Elites in Europe during 19th and 20th Century

Guest editors: Álvaro Chaparro Sainz (Universidad de Málaga. España), Jon Igelmo Zaldívar (Universidad Complutense de Madrid. España) & Carl Antonius Lemke Duque (Universidad de Navarra. España).

 “Global history responds both to the overcoming of borders through transnational studies and to the possibility of avoiding visions biased toward Western civilization that reduce the complexity of the problems of historical foundation. In this special issue, devoted to the study in historical perspective of the relationship among elites, society and education, we claim that global history has not to neglect the local to the extent that it can take as reference specific aspects of well-defined contexts widens them at national, continental or transoceanic level. Case studies are also included in order to analyze the actions of historical agents whose behavior also responds to global phenomena. The special issue constains two central strands: a) Education and processes of civilization of the Basque and Navarrese elites in the Spanish monarchy (XVIII - XIX) b) Transnational challenges of Jesuit education: Italian accommodation - British adaptation - European integration (XVIII / XIX - XX). Furthermore, two articles dealing with differentiated historiographical perspectives and diverse contexts have been included to delve into the theme of elites and education” (Chaparro Sainz, Igelmo Zaldívar & Lemke Duque). 


Translocal Elites – Transnational Education. Society and Education in Europe since 18th Century
Álvaro Chaparro Sainz, Jon Igelmo Zaldívar, Carl Antonius Lemke Duque


Train, Polish, Reform. The Education of Basque and Navarre Elites: from the Habsburgs to the Bourbons
José María Imízcoz

The Making of an Enlightened Ruling Class. Basque and Navarrese Elites in the Educational System of the Spanish Monarchy (1717-1808)
Andoni Artola Renedo, Daniel Bermejo Mangas, Álvaro Chaparro Sainz

Mastering the King’s Tongue. Language-Learning Dynamics among 18th-Century Basque Elites, a Context Proposal
Javier Esteban Ochoa de Eribe

The Spanish Expelled Jesuits and the Education of Italian Élites (1767-1815)
Niccolò Guasti

Jesuit Education and the Irish Catholic Elite
Ciaran O'Neill

Elites Educated for European Integration: Juan Churruca Arrellano and the Instituto de Estudios Europeos at the University of Deusto (1979-1987)
Carl Lemke Duque

University and the Formation of Greek Elites: Past and Present
Panagiotis G Kimourtzis, Pantelis Kyprianos

The Sisters of the Infant Jesus, St. Maur, in Spain: Their Transformation and the Mission in Bembibre in the Long 1960s. A Digital History Web Resource
Ana Jofre, Rosa Bruno-Jofre


Education and emancipation, educational policies and «de-emancipation»: A history of the Nigerian education system from 1914 to 2014
Grace Oluremi Akanbi, Alice Arinlade Jekayinfa

Transformation of Japanese Schools before and after WWII: Impact of Brazilian Nationalism on Japanese Immigrants’ Primary Education and Self-identity
Hiromi Ehara

Myth and Reality in the History of Indian Education
Parimala V Rao

The Journal of the Teresian Association in Spain (1944-1963). Evolution and Bibliographic Production
María José Sánchez Sevilla

Educational Ideas of Annie Besant
Chandra Lekha Singh


Interview with Joyce Goodman
Christine A Woyshner